SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process of optimisation of a website to receive higher ranking is search engines. Recent studies show that over 90% of Internet users only check the first page of the search result. If your website is not optimised properly and you end up on further pages, there’s a small chance that anyone will find you.


By applying proper SEO techniques your page will move closer in the search results, giving you a greater chance of being stomp upon by people looking for information or services related to your company. Moving from further pages to page one gives you approximately 10 times bigger number of visits daily.



There are many techniques that we employ to ensure a website receives a good SEO score. These include (and hopefully not sounding too technical):

  • Proper page titles, keywords, description and h1 tags.
  • SEO friendly URLs.
  • Provision of a sitemap XML file and robots.txt file for the search engines.
  • Set up of Google Webmaster Tools and analysis of data.

For all our sites, we give you the ability to control your site content, including SEO. This allows you to change any attributes we have set up and maintain the SEO yourself. We will also advise you on common SEO practices, so that you can actively manage your own SEO on an ongoing basis, because no one knows better your business and its goals than yourself.


Social Media has taken online marketing by storm recently. It has captured a decent percentage of marketers’ advertising spend and this is growing exponentially. Without a doubt, social media is here to stay and any business cannot afford to be left behind. People drive their purchasing decisions more and more because of the influence of the social networks. Will it be their friends recommendation on Facebook, a topic trends of Twitter and a beautiful picture on Pinterest or Instagram.

With our help you can turn your fans or existing clients into a meaningful evangelists of your business. We will establish your on-line presence with professionally design assets, share our knowledge how to get started and maintain an active presence on social media. Each business is different so we will kindly suggest which social channel is best suited for you.

But as social network can be a brilliant fit for some business types while a the same time have a limited value to other businesses. We have  clients successfully using social media to bring more customers to their businesses and keep in touch with existing ones. But there will be clients for whom social media won’t create any new opportunities.  Therefore, in the beginning we will asses whether any value can be created for your business by using Social Media.


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