Irish Judo Association

We’ve been asked to build a new site for the organisation with security to be the top priority. The previous site has been a subject of hackers’ attacks and we wanted to be sure it won’t happen anymore. On top of that the list of requirements was also quite long: membership registration, map of Ireland with location markers of each club, e-commerce shop used to sell belts and clothing, calendar of events. We’ve used WordPress as a base and included all necessary plugins to meet the list. The site was also hardened to precent any future hacking attempts. We constantly monitor any suspicious activities, with alerts emailed to us immediately.

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  • Building the membership form with various options, prices
  • Setting up map view with markers for each club, search by location
  • Creating on-line store
  • Creating calendar view for events diary
  • Hardening the installation to ensure the site won’t get hacked again


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